Mister Rolls-Royce

In the world of fashion, not so many names that are associated with high quality and exquisite style. The names that have become classics, a legend. in 2006 marked 100 - birthday person who gave peace Davidoff Cigarettes brand. The name of this person Zino Davidoff (1906-1993). And not everyone knows that, despite the fact that throughout the world "motherland" brand Davidof deemed Switzerland, its founder was born in Kiev.

In 1906, in the family of Henry Kiev tabachnika Davydova born boy, whose named Zinoviem. As it turned out, this was a landmark in the history not only of a single family, but in the world sigarnom case. The success of Davidoff Cigarettes is unprecedented: over twenty years, former Calzaghe was able to make a product virtually undiscovered symbol of respectability and luxury - cigar "rolls-Royce."

Five years after the birth heir Davidoff Cigarettesmoved from Kiev to Switzerland and opened a tobacco shop there. He was subdued, and the Russian have a special touch. Apparently, so loved by Russian emigrants to assemble there. By the way, and it often looked Lenin.

Zinovy, by that time become Zino, diligently studied tobacco from his father's art, and after graduating from high school in 1924, went to travel to Argentina, Brazil, Cuba increase knowledge about the cultivation and production of tobacco. Returning to Europe in five years, Zino decisively and competently took on the paternal improvement store. To begin with a cigar in the store office. Zino then made a special cellar for storing humidor with cigars and termokontrolem - Humidor. After all, cigars, like good wine, should be stored in an environment where humidity, temperature and light are constant.

To meet the tastes of the most demanding clients, Zino found in America excellent cigars made by hand from the best varieties of tobacco, and then asked for the support of developing its own line of cigars Vinnomu home to the famous Grands Crus of Bordeaux. The consent has been received, and said the crucial role played in the warehouses Zino, sopernichavshie technical snap-on with its own warehouses Vinnogo home. Thus in 1946 came the first line of cigars "Davidoff Cigarettes", named after a famous French wines: Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Lafite, Chateau Haut-Brion, Davidoff Chateau Mounton-Rotschild, Davidoff Dom Perignon.
Following the issuance of this series was first proposed name Davidoff Cigarettes outside Switzerland. The French newspaper wrote about the unusual threesome taste and elegance new series. But until you see the best cigars in the world was still far off.

In 1970, Zino Davidoff combined capital with its ancient friend and a great lover of cigars Shneyderom Ernst, who had taken up close and developed a marketing philosophy of the company Davidoff Cigarettes of Geneva. Philosophy Davidoff very nezamyslovata: "- in the life of each should receive satisfaction from the best." It is this philosophy, or rather, the fact that it was close not only the founder of the tobacco companies, but also Kilianu Hennessy, a member of the famous family Hennessy cognac, has led to the idea to create brandy, which would blend with the best cigars. By that time, Zino Davidoff has been about 30 years in the elite sale of cigars in his shop in Geneva, which has become so popular that experts and connoisseurs specially came to this Swiss city to buy cigars and talk with the owner.

Most likely, one of the visits to Geneva Kiliana Hennesy, and the idea to create a cognac, ideally accompanied with cigars. The case has been very tough: Zino Davidoff had his picture of pleasure. He was confident that brandy must be saturated and rich aroma with strong tone of vanilla and oak, or be as bright as bright a good cigar. This meant that cognac spirits for the new brandies will have to be created anew, and to achieve a more overt expression of wood tones will be used exclusively new barrels. Nevertheless, the charm of personality Zino impact on the alliance of two famous people and their successful completion of this difficult work. It is difficult to say how long it took to make the new beverage has become a reality. But it happened, and at first light appeared Davidoff Selection Classic, then v Davidoff Selection Extra. These two works only cognac v Hennessy Cognac houses sold under another brand.

Despite their "youth", cigars managed to earn the love of the most influential and famous people around the world. Their smoke Arnold Schwarzenegger and Whoopi Goldberg, Rockefeller Jr. and Loren Haton, Jack Nicholson and Linda Evangelista. And these people want to smoke only the best.

Schematically stages of the brand extension can be noted as follows:
1985 - Zino Davidoff complements its production toilet water Zino Davidoff, and in 1988 v-known and most successful fragrance Davidoff Cool Water.
1988 - presented to the public brandy Davidoff. "Thin, noble, rich" v such epithets were used when referring to him.
1989 - Davidoff is a new product - frame, as the connection quality and aesthetics, comfort and functionality.
1991 - appears excellent collection of leather bags Davidoff.
1996 - The first fragrance for women Davidoff Cool Water Woman.
1998 - Collection handles Davidoff.
1999 - new flavors: "The Good Life Men" and "Good Life Woman"
2004 - a new fragrance "Echo"

Currently, 44 are addressed Davidoff Cigarettes shop: in Amsterdam, Andorra, Bangkok, Berlin, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, London, Mexico City, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Osaka, Oslo, Panama City, Paris, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Tokyo, Zurich.

From this legendary brand synonymous success in career, love, elegance, sophistication and finesse.

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