The ability to enjoy a cigar - is the ability to live

On memories contemporaries, Zino Davidoff was a man with a wonderful sense of humour and developed the ability to find and create beautiful things. The artist, and people ponimavshy uvazhavshy them. He never lost purpose in life: his aim has always been to make life richer and richer at the expense of different things. He understood wing at the moment and enjoying created a philosophy of enjoying. Since the end of last century philosophy Zino Davidoff a widely recognized. People came from all over the world to talk with him and share his philosophy, to enjoy the best cigars. Zino Davidoff, was fond of saying: "Smoke in fewer, but better and longer - make this cult, even a philosophy!"

Zino Davidoff was born March 11, 1906 in Kiev, the Russian Empire. In 1911 because of the politically unstable situation his family emigrated. After a three-month family trip Davidoff decided to stay in Geneva and in the same year Zino father, Henry opened tobacco shop on the Boulevard philosophers. Among the first customers was Vladimir Ulyanov ...

Suffice sooner Henry Davidoff showed son how to mix tobacco for cigarettes and pipes, and when Zino finished school in 1924, he moved to South and Central America, where tobacco is actively engaged in the study of the case. He knew and loved tobacco in Argentina, Brazil and Cuba. He studied the art of cultivation, drying and fermentizatsii, has become a master of mixing varieties.

After returning to Switzerland in 1929 he opened a special cigar department in the store's father in Geneva. He built a special cigar basement - the first repository of this kind in Europe. His passionate dedication and hard work, combined with a deep and broad knowledge subjects helped him achieve fame and recognition that are taking place today. Worldwide.

"The ability to enjoy cigars - is a special culture, the ability to live (savoir-vivre)," - such as Zino Davidoff remarked. As currently "bon vivant" and the very successful businessman in 1946, he created the famous "Château Line", a line of cigars, named in honor of the famous wine "Grands Crûs" of Bordeaux.

In 1970, Zino Davidoff united with an old friend Shneyderom doctor Ernst, chairman (from 1960 ies) Oettinger Group Basel, a family business founded in 1875. Dr. Schneider shared business philosophy and the life of his friend, Zino and developed the concept of international marketing. Oettinger headquarters became a new business, expansion of the brand and began turning Davidoff Cigarettes.

In 1991, Zino Davidoff and Ernst Schneider submitted a new creature in the market: a new generation of Davidoff Cigarettes, which were experts in the Dominican Republic Dominican of the best varieties of tobacco.

Zino Davidoff died on January 14, 1994.

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