Brand Davidoff Cigarettes changed owner

British tobacco company Imperial Tobacco Group announced the acquisition of the German multidisciplinary group Tchibo Holding for 540 million euros Davidoff Cigarettes brand. The second-largest producer in Europe tobacco products produced Davidoff Cigarettes in 2002 under the license agreement once the Imperial Tobacco gained from Tchibo Holding for $ 6, 4 billion German tobacco company Reemtsma.

This transaction relates only Davidoff Cigarettes brand. Rights to the production of other goods under this trademark (cigars, perfume and other) reserves the founder Oettinger Davidoff Cigarettes brand. According to Imperial Tobacco Group findirektora Bob Dyurbusa, acquisition of rights to the brand was needed to get better control over the trademark in the event of a withdrawal of a product or brand to new markets. The fourth-largest tobacco company in the world, provided the brand Davidoff Cigarettes, West, JPS, Peter Stuyvesant, R1, Drum, operates in the markets of over 130 countries.

According to the company's managing director Gareth Davis, Davidoff Cigarettes is a strategic premium brand company and an important factor in the growth of its business. According to the analysts' investment bank Lehman Brothers David and Richard Hayesa Strouda, such a move tobacco companies can be considered as preparation for a more "aggressive policy of expansion into new markets." Experts once again stressed the importance of well-known brands Davidoff Cigarettes, the image which will play no role in the latest conquest of new markets.

Davidoff Cigarettes considered to be one of the fastest growing brands company: under this brand cigarettes sold in 70 countries.

It is expected that the Davidoff Cigarettes sales should grow by 7, 7%, and make 14 billion cigarettes at the end of 2006. Last year was 13 billion cigarettes sold under this brand. Earlier this month, Davis stated intention company to expand its presence in the market of the United States. This is including that in Germany and Britain hardened taxes on tobacco products.

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