Davidoff Cigarettes

"I always wanted to create a cigarette that makes the process of smoking is so pleasant as possible.:"
Zino Davidoff

Zino Davidoff has set up its first cigarette, famous Davidoff Magnum, only for connoisseurs of tobacco. The steadily keeping its basic principles "of a minimum level of quality", he then created the Premium Line - a set of compositions, which deservedly received worldwide as a symbol of clever work, excellent taste and elegance.

Davidoff Cigarettes - Classic
Classical mixture of selected varieties of the best provincial tobacco creates a perfect aroma.

Davidoff Cigarettes - Mild
Davidoff Mild Cigarettes have a pleasant taste and harmonious strong smell.
Not sold in Europe!

Davidoff Cigarettes - Lights
Specially selected from a mixture of American tobacco varieties with rich fragrance, which kuritsya easily and with pleasure.
Not sold in Europe!

Davidoff Cigarettes - Magnum
An unusual amount of cigarettes and possessing noble aroma of dark orange tobacco Virginia, collected on four continents, makes smoking cigarettes davidoff magnum classes, enriching our exceptional experience.

Davidoff Cigarettes - Classic
First mentolovye cigarettes with unsurpassed quality Davidoff. Soft (like wine), the pleasure of smoking and fresh mint taste of this distinguished American mixture.

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Andrea Rebouças Oliveira комментирует...

Hi, Zino Davidoff! First I would like to forgive me for my English, but he could not leave to thank its words. I am happy in you to have liked them my photographs and texts and would like to invite you to always come back to blog that to feel will. Thank's! Andrea

Ana Gómez комментирует...

Gracias Daviddoff por ese hermoso comentario, tu blogger tambien es muy lindo.

faathima комментирует...

thanks Davidoff i really like yours too! but i dont know anything about cigarettes actually i even know how to smoke but it doesnt matter you're one of my favorites and i will put you in my link list talk you later

Mountaingirl комментирует...

Th English language is such a funny thing - when I read you name I read it as David - off - cigarettes (as in a guy called David stopped smoking) lol I now consider myself educated :-)

tempofeliz комментирует...

thnak for ypur words in my blog tempofeliz

diddiii комментирует...

Thanks for your comment. Ever been in Thailand? :) /Ida

Agulhas e tintas комментирует...

Your blog this super nice and original, I really liked it pass by here, do not smoke but I will say to my husband who smokes to come make a visit.

Blogger комментирует...

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