Davidoff Cigarettes - Mister Perfection. Incredible success story

March 11, 1906 Podol, in the family of Henry Kiev tabachnika Davydova born boy, who called Zinoviem. As it turned out later, it became the turning point not only in the history of a single family, but in the world sigarnom case.

"To enjoy, it is necessary to love, to love, to be understood, to understand, it is necessary to know, to know, should first look into the details" - reads one of the principles mark "Davidoff Cigarettes" declared by its founder Zino Davidoff. This principle, he checked on personal experience when, in 18 years, left "to understand the details of" Tobacco Art in Argentina.

When born Zinovy, Henry decided that his son would become a famous musician. "Enough of our genus traders" - then decided ambitious father. Therefore, the smallest since childhood Zinovy Davydova hammered aesthetic taste, love of music and understanding of beauty. Smash the hapless child in the blood and broken fingers for Bow bow, trying to learn from its child plohonkoy violin at least a couple of sounds palatable.

In 1911 the family, wary of Jewish pogroms and revolution, moved from Kiev to Switzerland. At that time, the family name was changed to Davidoff Cigarettes. In Geneva, the father Zino opened for a couple of months, tobacco shops, and another son is a teacher of music. During the break between lessons Zino assisted his father behind the counter, but felt the increasing need to learn. Screwy dad, but not endorsed timid attempts Milestone son about studying in the university. "Life" will teach everything - that was the credo of the life of Henry Davidoff. Therefore, young Zinovy went to Argentina - it has been the only country to issue a visa risknuvshey immigrant from a non-existent state - Russian Empire.

Two months on the steamboat in the Atlantic have not gone to foreign wasted 3 - pokachivayas on the bottom, the cheapest, deck, he learned to dance brilliantly Charleston and care for the girls. He was born dancer - even in the 75 Charleston Mr. Davidoff served impeccably. What can not be said about foreign languages: to the end of life, he was never able to get rid of the sharp Slavic accent.

Argentina has been much prozaichnee than it seemed distant from Europe. Zino initially found a job waiter in a cafe, where it expelled as a young man smash crystal wine glasses hardly nothing more than time for laundry. Eventually Zino returned to what had fled - found a job at the tobacco factory. Davidoff Cigarettesceased to resist fate, and the case quickly went off. Within a few years, he went all the way from the boy in the dogsbody to major purchaser of tobacco factories. To fully explore the production of cigars, Zino several years traveled to North and Central America - home of tobacco, as well as a considerable amount of time spent in Cuba, thoroughly exploring the technology "Puro". It was there that his great love was born to gavanskim cigars. Zino became think own shop in Europe.

One morning in 1929 on the eve of the tobacco shops in the centre of Henry Davidoff of Geneva has brown young man, dressed in unusual for a European eye white satin suit and the Cuban summer sandals. The buyer tried smoke and valyazhno owner said that the "Russian samokrutki" went out of fashion long ago - self-respecting people smoking Cuban cigars. After several seconds angry prepiratelstv Henry learned nahale stayed in his son. During the years of travel in South America and featured it changed so that the father did not even learn it.

According to Russian accept, "bludnomu son" predicted wealth. Davidoff senior was happy that Zino inherited susceptibility to the tobacco business, but take it in no hurry to share: "I will not give you cause has been established. Everything you need to start from scratch. Then Henry could not even suggest that after 10 years, razorivshis, gladly accepts the invitation son come to him in a simple place to shop seller.

At Zino money lender bought a small shop on the street and Ruderiv already two years later bought it, paying double the original cost. Anxious relevant to its case appeared in all: in his shop Davidoff Cigarettes built Europe's first indoor basement that fulfills all the requirements of storage Havana cigars. Ambitious young man decided to bring his work to perfection: shop worked 365 days a year from 8 am to 7 pm, regular customers were served around the clock, and the landowner unmistakably remember each customer preferences, even if he went to the store only once a few years ago. A case in which the owner off with a bed of four nights of customer phone calls, which prispichilo buy a cherry tree in front of the tube radius of duty.

At the same time, Zino could stand without any ceremonies from a store stamp, requesting advice grade tobacco. "If you are not smoking, and nothing to start," - said Mr. Davidoff in such cases. The very same Zino believed smoking vykurival innocent and not less than five or six cigars a day. "Smoke in fewer, but better and longer - make this cult, even a philosophy!"

In 40 - Geneva's shop turnover increased from the pre-war time, five times - "there would be no happiness, yes misfortune helped." After France was occupied by German troops, a national organization of the tobacco business Zino Davidoff asked to take on the French possession of tobacco - a modest little shop owner recommended that the Cuban tobacco tycoons in factories where he procured raw materials. In a few months Zino shop was the only place in Europe where you can search for the highest quality products.

But pochivanie complacent contradict the principles of Davidoff Cigarettes. Once, after the war, dining in a restaurant, Zino looked at the map and wines noted with displeasure that even with the best of their stable earnings French wines he could not afford. Negative emotions were more than positive consequences: the next day Davidoff Cigarettessent to warehouse famous French wines Grand Crus de Bordeaux a box of cigars and "modest" request to use the title of the most expensive French wines, as the names of cigars. Manufacturers wines were so osharasheny such a proposal, which gave permission, not taking nothing for the use of the trademark.

Soon, in 1946 - m, appeared under the names of cigars, which for wealthy connoisseurs of beauty did not need clarification - Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Mouton-Rotschild, and others. Progress was so financially successful that the same order wine in restaurants for Mr. Davidoff Cigarettes was not a problem. Around the same time, in 1948, there were Davidoff Cigarettes cigarettes, a mixture of tobacco for which thought through the master himself, and referred to them because of their name, showing the buyers that the name was responsible for quality. Each unit packet of cigarettes these famous original autograph Zino.

In 50 - e Ruderiv shop on the street has become one of the attractions of Geneva: here can be found in any existing tobacco product market - of course, the highest quality. You could buy and hyumidor - with a box of cigars humidor, invented and patented the very Zino.

Trading firm "Davidoff Cigarettes" has been known mainly among true connoisseurs, but not to the general public. Davidoff Cigarettes worked on the principle: "If you want to get something done, it was good - make it myself." But in 1970, he sold the shop Ernst Schneider, ancient friend and the chargé d'affaires Davidoff Cigarettes, who married, as a dowry he had received Oettinger family business - one of the most important Swiss tobacco companies - and great condition. "If we join tvoju impeccable reputation and your name with my Capital, one obtains a good result. A more precise - excellent brand" - the word for friend Zino sounded convincing. As a result of the transaction Dr. Schneider received a controlling stake, but remained co-owner of the company Zino. He regretted that he was unable to maintain the character of a family business, but it was another reason: his only daughter Sofia suffered severe allergic to tobacco.

By increasing business, Schneider and Davidoff Cigarettes still continue to rely on manual production - to sell "expensive" dreams and illusions, to invest part of the soul of the product. What Davidoff Cigarettes evaluate its creative soul deeply, only confirms an old truth: every product is exactly as long as it paid. Calculation has been loyal to old friends - thanks Shnayderu Zino become a successful trader in the world tobacco magnate. Soon, in addition to the core products - cigars - there were cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars and accessories for the tube. Mark Davidoff has become a symbol of elegance, luxury and impeccable taste.

However, becoming a millionaire, Zino did not want to change old habits: his family continued to live in a fairly modest five-apartment, and his wife Martha was still very prepared his favorite Ukrainian borsch and vareniki.

The owner of a small tobacco shops Henry Davydov was clearly stunned if it learned that the company, which is the name of his son, now owned by 26 companies and 39 brand shops all over the world (in addition to 1400 hotels and restaurants that have received a formal right to sell products company). In addition to the famous tobacco products since 1985, also produces vodka and brandies Davidoff Cigarettes, eyeglasses, watches, leather accessories, shirts and spirits - and Davidoff Cigarettes Cool Water Davidoff Cigarettes Relax. The turnover of the company for 1996 was 700 million Swiss francs.

When the maestro once asked how he tabakovedu, and still managed to become a winemaker, Zino replied: "And as I became parfyumerom, watchmaker, galantereyschikom? Like all committed." This principle is also reflected in the selection of cultural projects, which supports Davidoff Cigarettes. In 1988, six years before the death of Zino, was established prize for young performers of classical music.

The logical extension was the "Friendship Tour Davidoff Cigarettes" internationalised orchestra "Philharmonic Nations administered by Justus Frantz, which now play six Ukrainian musicians. Seller "good life" Zino Davidoff was convinced that "enjoy - it is the taste, talent and the pursuit of impeccable quality."

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