Davidoff Cigarettes wants will be young

Earlier in the year, the company Davidoff Cigarettes held a rebranding of its products. Moving brands can increase its share of the market, as well as raise the Davidoff Cigarettes brand popularity in other market segments.

In Russia, where the right to the brand were reserved for the tobacco corporation Imperial Tobacco, the new stack Davidoff Cigarettes already appear in mid-May 2005.

In mid-May, Davidoff Cigarettes will introduce a new packaging product line throughout the world. The new tutus disappear all unnecessary details, logo rises, so will visually tutu longer. As before, cigarettes will be made at the Imperial Tobacco factory in Volgograd. Restarting the brand positioning and affect only the appearance of products. Kuznetsova said that the old approach to the brand of cigarettes as a conservative audience favorites to be changed to the modern design. Age pomolodeet "audience" for 10 years (from 35-45 to 25-35 years), and the image of the lone smoker Davidoff Cigarettes and refined connoisseurs become a successful young and cosmopolitan. "So far remained niche brand Davidoff Cigarettes, the changes are aimed primarily at promoting the brand, expanding its audience.

Experts note that the new face of Davidoff Cigarettes could help revive the brand. Recently, an increasing number of smokers aged 35-45 years, or refuse to smoke or go on pipe tobacco and cigars, so it is prudent on the part of the company to change the positioning of cigarettes. Changing the target audience would not entail the loss of its status as an expensive brand mark. "If even 10 years ago, smoking premium cigarettes will be available only to people more mature age, but now it can afford and young people.

On the other hand departure from the traditional design of flowers in a tutu may have a negative impact on brand image: "On a shelf Davidoff Cigarettes stood out precisely its color solution, as a brand name visible only at close range. Obviously, the Davidoff Cigarettes wants to speak as a protest brand: young people will not be so easy to move on cigarettes that smoking older generation. These two factors can harm the brand: Brand risked losing its current audience, while not gaining a new one.

While the "old" Davidoff Cigarettes perceived as a standard in the tobacco industry, the only problem was that he was far from the consumer, being too elite brand. "Rebrending aimed at the reduction of the distance" - sure Korovkin. However, he doubted that the selected strategy will be successful. According Korovkina, much better for Imperial Tobacco would maintain the brand positioning. "It is important to simply wait for hours when would mark" played ".

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