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Davidoff Cigarettes fall into the segment of premium tobacco brands. These cigarettes are produced by Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH which has been recently purchased by the UK-based Imperial Tobacco company. Now Davidoff has become this company’s leading brand and is sold in many countries worldwide. Davidoff tobacco products (except the cigarettes, the brand also produces cigars) are manufactured under the license granted by Davidoff & Cie. This company is based in Switzerland and was founded by Zino Davidoff. Only high-quality tobacco blends are used to manufacture Davidoff Cigarettes. The following words were once said by Zino Davidoff: "I always wanted to create a cigarette that would make smoking the pleasure it should be". Since that, Davidoff brand has always adhered to the basic and original principle - ultimate quality is above all. The first cigarette created by Zino Davidoff was the world famous Davidoff Magnum. These cigarettes with strong and aromatic flavor were created for tobacco connoisseurs exclusively. The wide line of tobacco products from Davidoff are offered all over the world. In 1985 a fierce battle began over the copyright of the brand in the USA. This and other legal difficulties made Davidoff stop selling cigarettes in this country. However, those American smokers who still prefer the unique aroma of Davidoff can purchase the brand's products in various online shops.

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